Granular organic fertilizer

Consumption benefit:

  • Rehabilitation of soil texture
  • Provide all plant nutritional needs
  • Extra plant fertility and product increase
  • Soil and plant nutrition completely once a year and reduce costs fertilizer
  • No needs to use similar single element fertilizer
  • Increase efficiency of farms and garden irrigation
  • Bio organic
  • No needs for plant toxins


1Organic materialMin: 45% of fertilizer weight
2Organic carbonMin: 20% of fertilizer weight
4Macro elementMin 7% in shape of macro organic
5Micro organicMin 4%  in shape of micro such as Mg,Fe,Cu,Ca
6Humic acidMin 1% in granul fertilizer
7Folic acidMin 4% in granul fertilizer

How to use:

Once a cultivating period:

Consumption between 350-500 Kg/m3 or 5Kg for per tree  obviate all the needs of cultivation and no need to use all type of fertilizer.

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