Iran Nearly Self-Sufficient in Manufacturing Refinery Parts

According to Tehran Oil Refining Company, Mohammad Reza Khalili said more than 13,000 types of rotating and fixed refining parts and equipment, including parts of pumps, turbines, compressors, generators, converters, coolers, towers and containers, internal parts of cooling towers and valves are supplied from domestic products after identifying knowledge-based companies and holding scientific meetings with them with the aim of supporting suppliers of parts in the country and self-sufficiency in construction of items and equipment in line with realization of the economy of resilience.

He pointed out that the preparation, maintenance and distribution of items needed by the refinery in accordance with the interests of stakeholders and cooperation with parts manufacturers and suppliers is one of the most important tasks of the department, adding construction of some catalysts for the first time in the country in accordance with international standards was made possible in the refinery by capable domestic companies supported by the technical and engineering experts of Tehran Oil Refining Company.

Khalili added: “After successful testing of these catalysts and their production in the country, we have become self-sufficient in the production of various types of refining catalysts.”

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