Iranian HTSC Catalysts Loaded at Hydrogen Units of Isfahan Refinery

According to Isfahan Oil Refinery, Masoud Motavali, Head of Goods Procurement of Isfahan Oil Refining Company, said the HTSC catalyst is used in hydrogen production units of refining industries to convert CO to CO2 and increase hydrogen purity.

He stated that the catalysts used in these units are purchased and replaced every three or four years, adding: “Until 2014, this type of catalyst was not produced in the country, but after that, catalyst production studies began in Iran and finally in 2019, a contract with Kharazmi Technology Development Company signed on production and delivery of high temperature shift catalysts for the hydrogen unit of Isfahan Refinery, which is one of the most modern refineries in the country, and the possibility of officially producing this product was provided domestically.”

The head of commodity procurement of Isfahan Oil Refinery announced the cost of catalyst production at 2.4 Euros per kilogram, and continued: “This type of catalyst was procured from an Indian company with a price of 68.4 Euros per kilogram.”

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