Isfahan Refinery Doubles Euro-4, 5 Gasoil Output

According to IRIB, Alireza Jafarpour, an official with the refinery, introduced AW-406 ++ solvent and normal hexane solvent as the new products of his company, and said: “Normal hexane production project with a production capacity of 1,000 barrels per day was put on the table back in 2018 and has now become operational.”

Referring to the production of another environmentally friendly product called AW-406 ++ solvent, he added: “The new AW-406 ++ solvent, which has less environmental pollution, will replace the company’s previous AW-406 solvent.”

Isfahan Oil Refinery’s Production Deputy said the normal hexane produced in the refinery is free of any sulfur and aromatic compounds, adding: “For this reason, it does not need processing and secondary refining, and this green and environmentally friendly product has very positive effects on environmental protection.”

Jafarpour stated that the consumption of normal hexane in the country is about 50,000 tons per year, and added: “With the development of chemical and petrochemical industries, the consumption of this product will increase dramatically in the future.”

The official also said that the amount of Euro 4 and 5 diesel production of this refinery had doubled from 2 million liters to 4 million liters per day.

Jafarpour added in order to increase the quality of diesel and increase the production of Euro 4 and 5 gasoil, changes were made in the operating conditions of the reactors of Isomax units and the production process of this product was optimized.

He said: “Increasing the quality of this product, in addition to creating value added for the company, will have a significant impact on preserving the environment and reducing environmental pollutants.”

Isfahan Oil Refining Company’s production deputy also announced the launch of the company’s huge diesel refining project next year, and added: “Considering the more than 85% progress of this project, the start-up stages have started and it is expected that with the full operation of this project, a total of 20 million liters of daily diesel produced will be added to the plant’s output, the characteristics of which will be in accordance with the international standard of Euro 5.”

The diesel refining project is being completed with more than 495 million Euros of investment and 3,191 billion Tomans, and by commissioning this project, the sulfur compounds of diesel produced by Isfahan refinery will reach less than 10 PPM.

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