Owji Appoints Refining, Distribution Deputy

By the decree, Javad Owji has entrusted Jalil Salari with the following tasks:

– improve existing refineries and construction projects of new refining capacity (petro-refineries)

– provide fuel, especially for the power plant and industrial sectors

– support industrialists, investors and consumers of refined products

– work out new rules and laws to attract investors in key areas

– plan and create necessary mechanisms to ensure security of supply of petroleum products

– pay serious attention to the export of petroleum products

– develop/upgrade quality standards of goods and services, environment, health and safety and monitor them

– create a competitive environment for the development of the country’s refining industry

– support knowledge-based companies and pursue localization and technology development of equipment and strategic goods of the refining industry

– adhere to the transparency of processes and recognition of corrupt bottlenecks and serious fight against fuel smuggling and related factors

– identify and employ capable, committed and efficient forces based on the principle of meritocracy and succession.

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