Pastilled sulphur

Pastilled process is a drop-forming technology , solidifying liquid sulphur into uniform hemispherical pastilles


Product Information Sheet

  COMMON NAME  Elemental Sulphur.
  DESCRIPTION  Sulphur Pastilles are a uniform dome shaped bright yellow solid. The pastille shape promotes a free flowing, dust free product. The product is manufactured in Australia from a pure source of molten Sulphur.
  TYPICAL SPECIFICATION  Sulphur (% w/w)                        99.9     Pastille Sizing (mm)                  2 – 4
  SUPPLY DETAILS  Typically packaged in 1.2 tonne bulk bags. Bulk supply is available.
  RECOMMENDED STORAGE  Store bags in a dry area out of direct sunlight.   Please refer to SDS for detailed storage info.
  SAFETY INFORMATION  Please refer to our current SDS
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