Projects under way to Boost Quality of Gasoil: CEO

Addressing the signing ceremony of a contract for production of 45,000 gas-based vehicles between the National Petroleum Products Distribution Company and Iran Khodro Industrial Group in the presence of Mehdi Sadeghi Niaraki, Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade and Mines on Sunday, Jalil Salari said: “Fortunately, good commitments have been made in the automotive sector, and we hope to see positive developments in this sector with the support of the Ministry of Petroleum for the automotive sector.”

He added: “Providing fuel for the transport fleet in terms of quality and quantity is one of the duties of the Ministry of Petroleum, and in this regard, many projects worth $14 billion have been implemented, resulting in the distribution of large volumes of fuel with Euro standards.”

The CEO of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) stated: “To provide fuel for the heavy transportation sector, many projects will be put into operation next year to increase the quality of gasoil.”

Salari said: “NIORDC has achieved 75% localization in the fields of technical know-how and supply of equipment.”

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