Sulphur bentonite 90 fertilizer and sulphur bentonite uses ?

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Sulphur bentonite 90 fertilizer

The main reason to use Sulphur bentonite is to correct alkaline soil problems then its a secondary nutrient for soil too so we can say this is Sulphur bentonite 90 fertilizer because it help to plants for better growing and the number 90 is percentage of mixed Sulphur with bentonite. for details we explain all things you need for simple knowing and buying this product from kimianahadeh step by step in the below.


Sulphur bentonite uses ?

All Plants need “Nutrients” for its growth, strength, thickness, color, taste and odor. The Nutrients, which are supplied to these plants, are categorized into two as Primary and Secondary Nutrients. Sulphur comes under Second-ary Nutrient, which gives good strength and improves the yield. Plants can’t take Sulphur as such, because Sulphur is insoluble in water. So, it needs to be converted into Sulphate, which is readily dissolve in water. Let us see, how Sulphur in Sulphur bentonite 90 gets converted into Sul-phate.

Sulphur bentonite uses: Sulphur bentonite is produced in the form of pastilles, which are easy to handle. When the Sulphur bentonite is applied on the field, the bentonite absorbs mois-ture and swells. It leads to break the pastilles in micron size particles. By na-ture, the Soil is having a bacteria, called “Thiobacillus”. This converts the Sulphur into Sulphate in the presence of Oxygen and moisture. This Sul-phate is absorbed by the plant roots. Thus, Sulphur gets into Plants.


benefits of Sulphur bentonite 90 ?

Most of the Agricultural lands in the world are in alkaline nature, i.e. the PH is more than 7. This Alkaline soil resist the penetration of Primary nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Pot-ash. By adding Sulphur bentonite to the Soil, it reduces the PH to 6.5 – 7.0 and allows primary nutrients to pass through the soil.

benefits of Sulphur bentonite 90 : it releases Sulphur slowly and hence the Sulphur is available to the plants for the entire crop period and It gives strength to the plants and thickens the branches, It gives strength to the flowers and boll; hence premature falling is avoided and It enhances the photo synthesis of Chlorophyll and hence the leaves are very greenish.


Applications of Sulphur bentonite 90 ?

Applied widely to the grass and lawns for improving Chlorophyll. Used for Oilseed Plants like, Ground nut, Coconut, Sun flower, Palm oil. and Olive trees. It has been noticed that 30-35% increase in yield.
Applied for all kinds of Cereals, where it improves it sizes. Applied for all Kinds of Fruits, where it improves it taste, odor and Pulp And Applied for Paddy and wheat crops, where it improves the yield by 15-


How to order Sulphur bentonite ?

Order Sulphur bentonite from Iran is easy as you think so you can track your order from our website by clicking on Track Order from top of the site but first we need some information about order quantity and mode of payment then we can shipping any capacity request from Iran to all around the world.

Any kind of methods you prefer to contact us stay behind you in the contact page like Email, Phone number, Contact form and etc. so our staff are waiting to sincerely answer your request any time.

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