April 18, 2023

Lump sulphur

Lump sulphur The majority of sulphur that is transported around the world is done as a bulk solid. Bulk sulphur

گوگرد بنتونیت دار 90 درصد

Bentonite Sulphur 90

Most of the Agricultural lands in the world are in alkaline nature, i.e. the PH is more than 7. This

granular sulphur

Granular sulphur

In response to the need for a new generation of formed sulphur to meet the increasingly stringent standards imposed in

bentonite sulphur 80

Bentonite Sulphur 80

Bentonite Sulphur 80 contains about75% sulfur and 15% bentonite. Many scientists consider agricultural sulfur to be the second most important

Powder sulphur

Powder sulphur is one of the oldest garden remedies and it is as good today as when people first started

Pastilled sulphur

Pastille sulphur

Pastille sulphur process is a drop-forming technology , solidifying liquid sulphur into uniform hemispherical pastilles  Pastille sulphur analyse Product Information