Granular sulphur

granular sulphur

In response to the need for a new generation of formed sulphur to meet the increasingly stringent standards imposed in the late 70s by both environmental considerations and customer preference, sulphur forming leaders  it’s Granular Sulphur. developed and successfully commercialized a sulphur forming process known as the granulation process.

 Organic Granular Granular sulphur fertilizer

Consumption benefit:

  • Rehabilitation of soil texture
  • Provide all plant nutritional needs
  • Extra plant fertility and product increase
  • Soil and plant nutrition completely once a year and reduce costs fertilizer
  • No needs to use similar single element fertilizer
  • Increase efficiency of farms and garden irrigation
  • Bio organic
  • No needs for plant toxins


1 Organic material Min: 45% of fertilizer weight
2 Organic carbon Min: 20% of fertilizer weight
3 sulpher 10%
4 Macro element Min 7% in shape of macro organic
5 Micro organic Min 4%  in shape of micro such as Mg,Fe,Cu,Ca
6 Humic acid Min 1% in granul fertilizer
7 Folic acid Min 4% in granul fertilizer

How to use:

Once a cultivating period:

Consumption between 350-500 Kg/m3 or 5Kg for per tree  obviate all the needs of cultivation and no need to use all type of fertilizer.


100% absorption organic material (macro micro) combination cause to improve soil texture and soil antitoxin.

In addition to fertilizer  increase quality and quantity production save water consuming and no waste on soil.

In deduction 50% efficiency for activity profit is the best result for agriculture.